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I am Brazilian and Canadian, born in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, with great pride.

Like my paternal grandparents who emigrated from Syria to Brazil and my maternal great-grandparents from Italy, I also ventured into the world and now I live in Canada.

I have two children, two incredible boys, who challenge me to be better and reinvent myself. Here. Now. Every day.


I graduated in the first class of Architecture and Urban Planning at FAAP, São Paulo, Brazil, in 1994. It deepened my gaze, my perceptions, my way of living.


I graduated in Acting from the Célia Helena Arts Center, São Paulo, Brazil, in 1997. It deepened my listening, my expressions, my way of loving.

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With the birth of my two boys, one in Brazil and one in Canada, I was touched and inspired to work within the perinatal universe.


I completed my childbirth doula course in 2013 and my postpartum doula course in 2020 with DONA International in Calgary, Alberta, where we live. I was very happy to receive my CD(DONA) certification in 2017 and my PCD(DONA) certification in 2023.



My experience as a doula motivated me to delve into perinatal education. I received certification in Dancing For Birth™ - childbirth preparation through dance, in 2020.


I had already been drawn to Yoga through the UniFMU/Marcos Rojo/Palas Athena/The Lonavla Yoga Institute training in 2002, so I expanded my practice with the Awakened Spirit Yoga Prenatal Yoga course in 2020.


I specialized in Perinatal Psychology and Psychopathology at Sedes Sapientiae/Projeto Canguru in 2021. The following year, I was an assistant for the course.


I completed the perinatal education training with Birthing from Within in 2022 and 2023.


I combine elements of all these courses and workshops for PassoAoParto.

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